Dental Implant

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Condensed Program with credit hours from ESOI approved by American Dental Association ADA with

Dr/ Ahmed Halim Ayoub


President of Egyptian Society of Oral implantologyenlightened


Hands_ On Training

.Demonstration of surgical kit implant components*

.implant placement in foam mandible *

.indirect impression techniques*

.Suturing techniques*

. Sutures techniques*

.Soft tissue grafts on caw head *



.Dr.Ahmed Halim Ayoub

BDS DDS, MSC President of Egyption Society of Oral Implantology , Implant consultant Seville University.

Dr/ Soulafa Mohamed Belal

B.D.S, M.Sc in periodontology, Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis &Oral radiology - Tanta University.

Dr.Ahmed Shawer Cairo university
Pre master studies of prosthodontics and oral implantology -cairo university
Clinical diploma oral implantology - UCLA –USA
Advanced implantology courses - Germany

Dr. Ehab Heikal .

( DBA ( BU _ USA) MBA ( Graduate School of Business DIM Diploma of Intl Marketing _ Toronto

Df Demand forecasting( AUC ) Bachelor degree of Oral & Dental Surgery 1986 University . Faculty of Dentistry - Alex.University.


Introduction . History - Micro / NMacro desing - Types of Implants

.Patient selection ( intra and extra oral ) -Radiographic examination- Cast examination

Treatment Plan: Prosthetic Options - estimationof ridge width- Surgical template- Implant selection - Provisional Planning*

. finacial Considerations - Patient information

.Anatomical considerations: Mandible_Maxilla*

Surgical techniques: Loding Protocols- Patient Preparation_ instrumentation- anesturing_Post operative care_Immediate *

.Implant Placement_ Immediate Loading_ Flapless Surgery

.Guided tissue bregeneration_ guided bone regeneration *

.Osseointegration: biology_ affecting factors _adjacent teeth and osseous architecture_ Long term Physiology of osseointegration*

.Soft tissue management: Incisional techniques_ Preservation of the Papillae_ Excisional techniquse *

.Impression techniques: Implant Level Impression (transfer_ Pickup)_ abutment Level Impression*

Prosthodontic Procedures: Emergence Profile_ Abutment Selection*

- Cement retained Prosthesis_Screw Retained Prosthesis _Restoration Of Single tooth Implant_ Multiple tooth restoration _ combined natural tooth

.Implant_ Screw Loosening Problems

(Treatment of edentulous ridge: diagnosis _ treatment Plane_ Fixed Full arch bridge Construction_ Implant Supported Overdenture ( ball_ bar and clip*

.Implant Support Overdenture*

:Failures, Complication and maintenance*

integration failure_Positional Failure_ biomechanical Failure_ complications during 1st stage surgery_complications during 2nd Stage surgery

.complications after prosthesis Placement- maintenance for full arch removable prosthesis- maintenance for full qrch fixed prosthesis- home hygiene


Marketing of dental imolant skills Hands-On training ;-Implant Components- Radiographic tracing- Suturing techniques- Implant Placement in foam *



Egyptian Society of Oral implantology Certificate authorized from American Dental Association *ADA