endodontic Program

 Endodontics Course with professional workshop




Dr. Mostafa Anwar

Assistant Lecturer of Endodontics – The British University in Egypt
Certified Healthcare & Hospital Management Specialist – AUC

The Only Endodontic Rotary Course that covers 7 Different Rotary Systems which are the Main Ones in the market;

1- One Shape File system.
2- Revo-S system.
3- CMA system.
4- Endo Star system.
5- Hyflex EDM system.
6- Neolix File system.
7- Smart Track X3 system.

This Two-Days condensed course will take place from 10 am - 6 pm, Where these topics will be covered for all the mentioned systems:
1- Design Features for each system.
2- Manufacturing Idea of each system.
3- Usage Protocol for each system.
4- Tips and Tricks for each system.
5- How to Mix between systems according to the canal curvature (Hybridization).
6- Irrigation Protocols and techniques.
7- Obturation Techniques.
8- Clinical Tips & Tricks.
9- Open Discussion.

NB.: Access Cavity Preparation for endodontic treatment will be discussed as a different topic at the start of the course as a main step for all different Rotary Systems.

Hands-on Training:

Using the mentioned Rotary Systems for root canal shaping on Artificial teeth, Canals and Natural teeth.
- Obturation Techniques.

This Condensed Course is available for 16 Candidates ONLY.

Each Candidate will work on Natural Teeth, Artificial Teeth or Endo Training Blocks.

Each candidate should bring:
- Three Molars with already Prepared Straight Line Access Cavity.
Ensure that the Canals of the three molars are patent using size 10# K-file.



International Academy of Dentistry Certificate authorized from American Dental Association *ADA