Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Course



Dr.Ahmed Ramadan

Master degree from National Laser institute
Fellowship in Laser applications in dentistry from Genwa – Italy
Instructor in American board of Laser Surgery (U.S.A)
Authorized Lecture Denlase Company Middle East
Implant diploma from sevilla spain


A.Laser physics (Laser fundamentals & Laser Science) diff types of lasers
B.Laser tissue interaction (How laser work in soft tissues)
C.Laser safety protocols
D.Surgical applications & protocols
1.Incisions and excision protocol
2.Crown lengthening protocol
3.Gingivectomy protocol
4.Troughing protocol
5. Frenectomy
6.Implant recovery
7 .Exposure of unerupted teeth
9.Fibroma removal
11.Hemostasis and coagulation
12.Vestibuloplasty protocol
13.Papillectomy protocol
14.Biopsy protocol

E) non surgicals protocols
1- de pigmentation protocol
2- de contamination of root canals
3- Laser assisted periodontal. Therapy (Curretage and decontamination)
4- Peri-implantitis
5- Sulcular debridment and perio bacterial reduction

F) Bleaching e' – No sensitivity
– in No time
– e' excellent result.

G) Low Level Laser Therapy
1- Biostimulation
2- How to accelerate wound healing
3- How to accelerate ossteo integration around implant
4- How to accelerate the time of orthodontic treatment
5- How to overcome any dental pain
6- TMJ disorders
7- desensitizing teeth
8- treatment of herpetic lesions

Hands on

- You will see many videos for all Laser protocols
- every dentist will exercise on animal Jaw for Laser Protocols



International Academy Of Dentistry authorized from American Dental Association*ADA