Orthodontics in Bahrain

Orthodontic Diploma IN Bahrain 



Dr/Mohamed Helmy 

Professor Al-Azhar University ,Previously 

Program outline 

Part1 : Normal Occlusion
• Introduction of Growth of the Face.
• Development of Dental Occlusion.
• Dental Arch Development.
Part 2:Classification of Malocclusion.
Part 3 : Etiology Of Malocclusion.
Part 4: Getting started: Records, Examination and Structured diagnosis - Hands-on: ceph tracing and examination
• Your orthopedic office systems
• The orthodontic examination, including muscle palpations
• The orthodontic patient
o The airway and its impact on childhood, growth and development, health, orthodontic treatment and adulthood
o Esthetics
• Gathering orthodontic records
• Cephalometric tracing
• Ricketts ceph analysis
• Your cases
Part 5: Diagnosis, treatment planning and beginning treatment - Mechanics: bracketing on models, looped arch wire
• Treatment planning and clinical considerations
o Review of "points and planes" measurements
o Skeletal classification and face typing
o Convexity in the frontal dimension
o Skeletal age vs. chronological age
o Airway and posture
o Profile and facial pattern
o Dental classification
o Problem analysis
• Mega concepts
o Class I, Class II, Class III
o Skeletal vs. dental problems
o Facial type and impact on treatment
o Extraction vs. non-extraction treatment
• Bracketing teeth
o Placement
o Sequence
o Bracketing cements
• Typodonts:
o Crowding treatment mechanics - Looped arch wire
• Your cases
Part 6: Case selection, Class I treatment, limited primary and transitional dentition treatment, transverse discrepancies - Mechanics: sectional, utility, and full arch wires
• Case selection - focus on Cl I crowded and mild Cl II
• Expansion . Maxillary Expanding Appliances
• Primary and transitional dentition treatment
o Phasing treatment . Phase I and Phase II
o Habits
o Crossbites
o The young Class III patient: Chin sling and facemask treatments
o When to consider extractions of primary canines: making your life easier, your patients. lives better and reducing risk of canine impactions
• Typodonts
o full arch straight wire
o Wire bending: sectionals and Utility Arch Wires
• Your cases
Part 7: Understanding mechanics; early development of joints and occlusion, inter-arch A-P discrepancies, vertical discrepancies - Mechanics: distalizing cuspids, closing spaces
• Isolating MX vs MD etiologies
• Class I tx
• Class II tx
• Challenges in mechanics:
o Anchorage
o Friction
o Deepbites and biteplates
o Distalizing molars
• Typodonts: canine retraction and contraction utilities
• Your cases
Part 8: Detailing the case and Retention - Mechanics: detailing wire, closing wire
• Case finishing and detailing
o Root angulation - panoramic radiograph
• Retention
o Retainer designs
o Use of retainers
• Typodonts
o Detailing wire
o Closing wire\


will take part in 5 cases and pursuing more than 20 cases 

Place : In Bahrain 


1- London Oral Reconstructive academy 

2- Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontists.

3- The membership of the American Association of Orthodontists.


1800 BHD