Advanced Dental Implant

Advanced Dental Implant Program

Advanced Dental Implant Program with Dr. Ahmed Halim on 28 November 2016 (very limited seats )
The program includes theoretical parts, workshops, certificate and optional practice on patients

1st Day (28 November 2016)
*Speaker: Dr. Ahmed Halim
• Splitting and expansion
• Sinus Floor elevation: Anatomy, pathology internal and external sinus lift protocols
• Platelets concentrates and its role in dental implants
• Workshop sinus lifting

2nd Day (29 November 2016)
*Speaker: Dr. Soulafa Mohamed Belal 
• Hard tissue management in implant therapy
• Different situations indicated for grafting 
• Guided bone regeneration 
• Types of barrier membranes
• Types of bone grafts
• Biological concepts of bone grafting
• Different techniques for ridge augmentation from the simplest to the hardest 
• ‚Ä™‎Soft tissue management in implant therapy 
• Types of flaps 
• Types of soft tissue grafts & different techniques for harvesting
• Different situations indicted for soft tissue grafting
• different techniques for harvesting Soft tissue from the palate
Different suturing techniques.

3rd Day (30 November 2016)
*Speaker: Ahmed Ramadan (Laser Dentistry Lecture & Workshop)
A• Laser physics (Laser fundamentals & Laser Science) diff types of lasers.
B• Laser tissue interaction (How laser work in soft tissues).
C• Laser safety protocols.
D• Surgical applications & protocols.
1• Incisions and excision protocol.
2• Crown lengthening protocol.
3• Gingivectomy protocol.
4• Troughing protocol.
5• Frenectomy.
6• Implant recovery.
7• Exposure of unerupted teeth.
8• Operculectomy.
9• Fibroma removal.
10• Hemangioma.
11• Hemostasis and coagulation.
12• Vestibuloplasty protocol.
13• Papillectomy protocol.
14•Biopsy protocol.

E) non surgicals protocols.
1- de pigmentation protocol.
2- de contamination of root canals.
3- Laser assisted periodontal. Therapy (Curretage and decontamination).
4- Peri-implantitis.
5- Sulcular debridment and perio bacterial reduction.

F) Bleaching e' – No sensitivity.
– in No time.
– e' excellent result.

G) Low Level Laser Therapy.
1- Biostimulation.
2- How to accelerate wound healing.
3- How to accelerate ossteo integration around implant.
4- How to accelerate the time of orthodontic treatment.
5- How to overcome any dental pain.
6- TMJ disorders.
7- desensitizing teeth.
8- treatment of herpetic lesions.

*Hands on:
• You will see many videos for all Laser protocols.
• every dentist will exercise on animal Jaw for Laser Protocols.

* Speakers:
-Dr.Ahmed Halim Ayoub: BDS DDS, MSC President of Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology, Implant consultant Seville University.
-Dr/ Soulafa Mohamed Belal: B.D.S, M.Sc in Periodontology, Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis& Oral radiology -
-Dr / Ahmed Ramadan
Master degree from National Laser institute.
Fellowship in Laser applications in dentistry from Genwa – Italy.
Instractor in American board of Laser Surgery (U.S.A).
Authorized Lecture Denlase Company Middle East.
Implant diploma from sevilla spain.

Friday, November 28, 2016 (for 3 days)

2800 L.E (for new students)
There is a discount for our students