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Dental Implant Practical Program

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Dental Implant program

Condensed Program with 120 credit hours from ESOI approved by American Dental Association ADA with Dr. Ahmed Halim Ayoub President of Egyptian Society of Oral Implantology


1st & 2nd 3rd Day⇒
5 & 4 & 3 .Sep.2018
Dr.Ahmed Halim

•Introduction: History-Micro/Macro design-Types of Implants

•Patient selection: Medical considerations- Clinical Examination ( Intra and extraoral)-Radiographic examination- Cast examination

•Treatment plan: Prosthetic options-estimation of ridge width-Surgical template-Implant selection-Provisional planning –financial considerations-patient information

•Anatomical considerations: Mandible-Maxilla

•Surgical techniques: loading protocols-patient preparation-instrumentation-anesthesia techniques-Flap techniques-implant insertion-suturing-post operative care-immediate implant placement-immediate loading -Flapless surgery

•Horizontal bone augmentation

•Soft tissue management:

-Incisional techniques

-Preservation of the papillae

-Excisional techniques

•Impression techniques: Implant level impression ( transfer –pickup)-abutment level impression

•Treatment of edentulous ridge: diagnosis-treatment plan-fixed full arch bridge construction-implant supported over-denture (ball-bar and clip)

•Implant Support Overdenture

•Failures, complications, and maintenance: integration failure-positional failure –biomechanical failure- complications during 1st stage surgery complications during 2nd stage surgery complications after prosthesis placement-maintenance for full arch removable prosthesis-maintenance for full arch fixed prosthesis-home hygiene.

4th ⇒
6 .Sep.2018
Dr.Sulafa Bilal

Periodontal surgery

Hands-on Training
• Demonstration of surgical kit – ‪#‎implant‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ components‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
• Implant placement in foam mandible.
• Indirect impression technique.
• Suturing techniques.
• Sutures techniques
• Soft tissue grafts

5th Day⇒
Dr.Amr Ekram


CBCT versus 2D
How to read CBCT
Identify and Trace the canal in implant planning and impaction cases
Implant planning
Airway examination
Lesions and fractures
CBCT integration in digital dentistry
Conversion from DICOM to STL to integrate with CADCAM or 3D printing and extract models
Select the proper field of view
Compare between CBCT and multi slice CT
Identify missing canals in endodontics
Extract 2D radiographs from CBCT
How to apply CBCT in research cases
Frequently asked questions about Radiation dose and protection in general
How to evaluate the specs of CBCT in case you want to buy a machine
Limitations of CBCT

7th Day ⇒

workshop on cast

8th Day⇒

Dr.Ahmed Shawer
Theoretical Prosthesis

9th Sun⇒

Practical of Prosthesis

10th Day⇒

Practical work
Candidates will practice implants

11th Day⇒
12 .Sep.2018
Practical work

Candidates will practice implants

12th Day⇒
Dr.Ehab Heikel

Free marketing day


• Definitions
• Marketing management
• Needs, wants and demands
• Market segmentation
• The four P’ s and its applications
• Pricing strategies
• Advertising and advertising campaigns
• Relationship marketing
• Customer oriented clinics
• Marketing your dental service.

  • Quantity:

7400 LE7400 LE



Oral Implantology Instructor

Dental Marketing Instructor

Former A. Professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery digital 3D X-ray & CBCT Specialist Cairo University -He's one of the well-known radiologists in Egypt and GCC -He was one of the 1st radiologists that started the 3D radiology in the middle east.

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