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The Art of Aesthetic Dentistry Practical Diploma

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Our Mission as doctors is to Draw confident smiles everywhere :D
But Have you wondered before about :

How to make a patient have a Hollywood smile and make DSD?
How to be professional in Aesthetic dentistry?

We did gather all the needed types of equipment to take you from knowledge to practice and experience doing everything by your hand and we promise you will learn, practice, enjoy and involve in all the steps in our journey of Aesthetic Dentistry

:the steps of this journey will be like that:

05 July 2018 Tell 31 Aug. 2018
From 10am - 4pm
3 month

:Course Content

1st day ⇒
Dr. Shehab El Din
1-Introduction about cameras
2-What is DSLR camera and how it works
3-What are the exposure factors and how to manipulate them to get the correct exposure
4-How to adjust your camera settings and get perfect results
5-Dental photography
- how to get standardized images that will be approved by any dental institute
- learning the correct settings to get the perfect dental image
- dental photo tricks
- how to take artistic dental photos
7-Workshop ( how to take a picture and how to avoid the errors ):
8- Discussion about which camera to use
9- Answering this question ... What if I don't have a macro lens and a ring flash .. Can I still take dental photos?
The answer is yes ... How??
You will know the answer in the course

“With Practical Application”

2nd day ⇒
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat
DSD Concept
Challenges of modern dentistry
The Smile frame
Emotional Dentistry
Exceeding patient expectations
Motivational Mock-up strategy
The Digital Workflow
DSD & CAD/CAM, Ortho, Implants, Perio, Orthognathic

“With Practical Application”

3ed day ⇒
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat
2D Smile frame/ 3D Mockup,
Keynote/PowerPoint 2D Smile Frame
The 8 steps for the Smile Frame
DSD Photo / Video protocol
DSD views, video protocol, photos from videos)DSD Photo / Video protocol
DSD views, video protocol, photos from videos), mockup technique,
Creating the patient presentation & patient motivation
Keynote/PowerPoint 2D Smile Frame
Digital Simulation

“With Practical Application”

4th Day ⇒
Dr. Mohamed Shams
-Review All Types Of Dental Veneer Porcelain , Limner & Ready Made Veneer
- Indirect Dental Veneer
- Indication And Contraindication Of Dental Veneer
- Choice Of Material For Dental Veneer
- Failures And How To Avoid Them
- Different Veneer Preparation
- Prepless Veneer
- Temporisation
- Cementation

5th day ⇒
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat
Clinical Perpetration of laminate veneer cade

6th Day ⇒

Dr.Ehap Hekal
Dental Marketing

Marketing management
Needs, wants and demands
Market segmentation
The four P’ s and its applications
• Pricing strategies
Advertising and advertising campaigns
Relationship marketing
Customer oriented clinics
Marketing your dental service.

7th Day ⇒
Dr.tarek Salah

8th Day ⇒
Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat
-Veneer Cementation

9th Day⇒
*Resin composite placement; your elaborate composite IFU guide:
-Matricing and proximal contacts; get your problem solved:
-Types of matrices.
-Criteria of a good proximal contact.
-Secrets of good proximal contours.
-Strategies for occlusal anatomy re-production in posterior teeth: e.g. Occlusal stamp technique.
-Criteria of a good occlusal anatomy.
-Composite modelling instruments; a dentist’s self-indulgence.
-Recent trends in composites: A material perspective

*Live demos using professional macro photography or microscope:
-Demo (1): Posterior class II composite restoration: Cavity prep, insertion, matricing, layering, carving, finishing and polishing demo.
-Demo (2): Posterior class II composite restoration bulk-filling: insertion, matricing, carving, finishing and polishing demo.

*Hands-on workshops:
Posterior class II composite restoration.

10th Day ⇒
Dr. Mohamed Shams
Direct Dental Veneer (
Treating teeth with different shade
-Indication and contraindication of direct dental
-Choice of material for direct dental veneer
-Failures and how to avoid them
-Different veneer preparation
-Layering Technique
-Finishing &Polishing
-Diagnosis when to consider direct dental veneer
-Patient communication and treatment planning
-Clinical technique A-Z
-Direct dental veneer

*Hands-on workshops:
-Veneer preparation
-Direct veneer (Anterior Composite)
-Layering Technique
-Finishing & Polishing

11th Day
Dr.Ayman El-amin


Theoretical module:

Lectures topics:

LASER Physics and How Do they Work

LASER Devices used in dentistry and their differences

Difference between Variable LASER wavelengths

LASER-tissue interactions

Workshop outline and topics:

12th Day⇒

Dr. Maged Zohdy
Tips and tricks in fixed prosthodontics
Anterior and posterior full coverage crowns
Endodontically treated teeth(post and cores v.s endocrowns)
Inlays ,onlays, vonlays and occlusal veneers
Impression techniques

*Hands-on workshops:

-each doctor will work on cast

13th Day⇒
Dr. Maged Zohdy
management of endodontically treated teeth
Post and cores v.s endocrowns
Inlays ,onlays, vonlays and occlusal veneers
partial coverage restorations principles,indications and materials
* Hands-on workshops :

14th Day ⇒
Dr. Maged Zohdy
Clinical Perpetration-
“With Practical Application”

15th Day ⇒
Dr.Islam kassem

- Aesthetic first consultation
- Focus on digital photography
- Aging & face anatomy
- Organizing a treatment planning
- Botox mechanism
- The use of dermal filler -Tips & Tricks
- Light –based treatment for facial aesthetic
- Effective management of an aesthetic dental surgery
*Practical Work on:
Gummy smile - Bruxism - Forehead lines - Frawn lines - Craw feet - This is Botox-

16th Day⇒
Dr.Islam kassem

-Facial ageing
-facial fillers
-lip filler
-facial filler
-The use of dermal filler -Tips & Tricks
-Effective management of an aesthetic dental surgery

*hands on and life demo:
Nasolabial - Marionette - Lip filler - Smoker line

17th Day ⇒
Dr.Maged Zohdy

Crown or Bridge Cementation-

18th Day ⇒

Dr/Soulafa Mohamed Belal
Periodontal Aesthetic Surgery
Dilemma of gummy smile…how to diagnose and differentiate between various causes.
Treatment options for gummy smile
Surgical lip repositioning techniques.
Functional and esthetic crown lengthening.
Guidelines for management of cases indicated for crown lengthening.

*Workshop on sheep heads
Different techniques for surgical lip repositioning
Gingivectomy for crown lengthening.
Modified Widman flap and apically repositioned flap.
Different suture technique.

19th Day⇒
Osama Elokby

20th Day⇒

Dr. Mohamed Shams
*Dilemma of Teeth Whitening
-Discoloration of teeth
-Color & shade
-The bleaching material
-Treatment Planning for successful bleaching
-The home bleaching technique
-Home bleaching tray fabrication
-Power bleaching and in office bleaching
-Intracoronal bleaching of non-vital teeth
-Combining bleaching technique
-Bleaching and micro abrasion technique
-Integration bleaching with restorative dentistry
-Combination bleaching with direct composite resin
-Safety issue

*Hands-on workshops:
-Practical on patients
-And how to do home bleaching tray

Dr. Ahmed Al Bakry
1-Importance of rubber dam in daily dental work
2-Component of rubber dam
3-Single tooth isolation
4-Multible teeth isolation
5-floss ligature technique
6-Clampless technique
7-Teflone uses in isolation
8-Flowable composite and liquidam technique
9-Subgingival tissue isolation
10-isolation technique in laminate veneers cementation

*Hands-on workshops:
-each doctor will work on cast

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