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Periodontal Surgery Course

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Join our Periodontal surgery course “perio for all program” on 16 December 2017 with Dr/Soulafa Mohamed Belal and get International Academy of Dentistry Certificate certified from American Dental Association (ADA)

This course is designed to provide general dental practitioners (GDPs) and periodontology specialist with further understanding in periodontology.
The emphasis will be on diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management, as well as the role of periodontics in the daily clinical practice.
You'll also develop relevant clinical skills through the hands-on elements of the workshop.

First day: (10 am-3pm)
"Periodontal diseases diagnosis & non-surgical treatment”
•Pathogenesis of periodontal diseases.# Periodontal diseases diagnosis.
•Role of scaling & root planing in the treatment of periodontal diseases.
•Differential diagnosis of different types of periodontal disease and how to manage each one.
•Perio-endo lesion, how to differentiate and how to treat each one.
•Chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of periodontal diseases
•Guidelines for treatment plan of periodontal disease.
•Decision making regarding surgical versus non-surgical pocket therapy.

Second day: (10 am-6pm)
“Basic Periodontal Surgery”
•Different Flap types and designs-Basic principles of surgery.
•Different suturing techniques and materials and criteria for selection.
•Bone defects and furcation lesions and how to manage them.
•Regenerative Periodontal Therapy….Guided Tissue Regeneration (different types of bone grafts, membranes, and growth factors).
•Several cases for discussion from A to Z. Workshop on cow head
•Surgical instruments, types and handling.
•Different Flap types and designs “Full thickness-partial thickness-conventional flap with its different variations-papilla preservation flap”.
•Different suturing techniques “Figure 8-simple interrupted-single sling-continuous sling-simple continues -continues with lock-vertical mattress-horizontal mattress”.
•Bone graft and GTR utilizing the bone replacement materials and membranes.

Third day: (10 am-4pm);
“Advanced Periodontal Surgery”
•Mucogingival problems “recession”, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.
•Different types of flap design for management of recession.
•Soft tissue augmentation…principles of harvesting, indications of uses and different techniques for suturing.
•Perio-ortho inter-relationship.
•Periodontal tissue response and orthodontic forces.
•Orthodontic treatment as adjunct to periodontal therapy.
•Periodontal treatment as adjunct to orthodontic therapy.
•Orthodontic treatment in adults.
•Tooth movement and implant esthetics.
•Platelets rich fibrin (PRF) preparation and application in dental field.

Fourth day: (10 am-4pm);
Workshop on cow head
•Different Flap techniques for treatment of gingival recession (Lateral-coronal-double papilla-semilunar-tunnel-apical).
•Connective tissue grafting harvesting techniques as well as free gingival graft.
•Frenectomy-frenal relocation-vestibuloplasty.
•Suturing techniques.
•PRF preparation & applications.

Fifth day: (10 am-4pm);
“Perio-restorative surgery”
•Dilemma of gummy smile…how to diagnose and differentiate between various causes.
•Treatment options for gummy smile
•Surgical lip repositioning techniques.
•Functional and esthetic crown lengthening.
•Guidelines for management of cases indicated for crown lengthening.
•Socket preservation: principles and techniques.
Workshop on sheep heads:
•Different techniques for surgical lip repositioning
•Gingivectomy for crown lengthening.
•Modified Widman flap and apically repositioned flap.
•Different suture techniques

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