Smart Endodontic Practical Program
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It's a basic & advanced endodontic course in which you'll practice on 2 patients under supervision, and you can get up to 20 patient.

Most people have strong, negative feelings about losing their teeth..
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1st day 14 March

Dr. Ashraf Samir
Isolation and rubber dam application
- Access cavity preparatio
- Magnification

2nd Day 15 March

Dr. Ashraf Samir
- Instrumentation & Rotary NiTi files

3rd Day 16 March

Dr. Ashraf Samir
- Dentinal disinfection and irrigation of the root canal system
- 3D obturation of the canal

4th, 5th, 6th Day 17:18 March

7th Day 20 March
- Specific using of ultrasonic in endodontics.
- Methods of finding missing canals.
- Outline steps of retreatment.
- Methods of dismelting of restorations.
- Removal of obturation materials.
- Post removal.

8th Day 21 March
- Instrument Removal and bio-path.
- Perforation Repair.

9th,10th,11th Day 22:24 March
Hands on

24 Credit hours
International Academy of Dentistry certificate authorized from American Dental Association (ADA)

*Limited seats are available*

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Associate Professor of Endodontics, Al-Azhar University

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