Prof. Ali Saafan

Professor of dental laser applications

About Prof. Ali Saafan
Master Degree :MSc , Radiology and diagnosis. Faculty of oral and
dental medicine 1997.Cairo University.

PhD :Laser science (Dental Laser applications) –specialty: Oral and Dental
Laser applications .10/10 2002. National institute of laser enhanced sciences
–Cairo University.

Professor of dental laser applications in, National
institute of laser enhanced sciences (NILES)
Cairo University .

Scientific papers :
1-Evaluation of the effect of low-level diode laser therapy applied during the
bone consolidation period following mandibular distraction osteogenesis in
the human
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Volume 44, Issue
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3-Effect of low-level laser therapy on gene expression of vascular

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24- The effect of dentin conditioning using diode laser irradiation ,citric acid
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32-Study of the effect of argon laser on dental composite and resin –
Modified glass ionomer cement by FT-IR .The Egyptian Medical journal of
the National Reserch Center , June 2005, 4(2) :58-62
Certificates and Awards