Infection control diploma & CBIC preparation
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One of the important death causes in hospitals nowadays is infection!
Patients and staff are at risk, so protection is now a must!

Join now our infection control diploma to improve your career in infection control...
and prepare yourself to the CBIC (certification board in infection prevention and control)

  • 72 hours
  • 18 lectures (2 basic lectures /16 specific lectures)

You've the option to take the basic only or the basic & advanced.

Who can participate:
Anyone with medical background like:
(Doctors - Dentists - Pharmacists - Nurses - Physical therapists - Vets)

Basic course

1st Day
Basic concepts of infection control.
Risk factor of hospital acquired infections.
Epidemiological aspects of HAIs.

2nd Day
CDC definitions of HAIs.
Standard and general Infection control measures.
Isolation measures.

Advanced course
Module 1
(3 lectures)
Identification of Infectious Disease processes

Module 2
(2 lectures)
Employee /Occupational Health

Module 3
(3 lectures)
Preventing /Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents

Module 4
(2 lectures)
Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation

Module 5
(1 lecture)
Management and Communication(

Module 6
(1 lecture)
Education and research

Module 7
(3 lectures)
Environment of Care

Module 8
(1 lecture)
Cleaning ,Sterilization ,Disinfection, Asepsis

  • Quiz on each Module
  • 2 revision lectures
  • Final Exam

1- Leeds academy UK
2- A certificate from Spc Academy authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry
and can be authenticated by any other embassy

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Certified in infection control

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