Minor Surgery Course (Basic & Advanced)
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* This course is designed for all dentists interested in improving their skills in

* It is important to us that you remain aware of everything you need while working in your clinic and all the other TRICKS

Dr. Mustafa Shindy

 Introduction & character of surgeon and soft skills needed.

 Neuroanatomy of oral cavity& teeth.

 LA principles & different anesthetic tech.

 Complication of LA& how to manage.

 Principle of extraction (tips & tricks).

 General principle of surgical extraction.
day nd2 20201113 10:00am to 04:00pm

Dr. Mustafa Shindy

 Handling of different types of impacted lower wisdom.

 handling of impacted upper wisdom.

-  Handling of other impacted teeth.

 Handling of dento-alveolar fracture.

 Cyst & apicoectomy.

3rd day

Dr. Fatima Mohamed

 Handling of systemically compromised patient before extraction.

 Handling of emergency in clinic.  Antibiotics & analgesic overview.
4th day
Dr. Fatima Mohamed

 Over view of surgical instruments.

 Different flap tech (tips & tricks).

 Different suture tech (tips & tricks).

5th day
Dr. Fatima Mohamed

 Case impaction & 2 cases of surgical extraction (RR)

6th day
Dr. Fatima Mohamed

 Case impaction& 2 cases of surgical extraction (RR)

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