Certified professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) diploma
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-This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are seeking certification by the Healthcare Quality Certification Commission.

-The course is an intensive review for the comprehensive body of knowledge that is designed according to the content outline of the CPHQ Exam.

-The course is online recorded where you finish your study at your own pace.

-The course consists of:
- 21 recorded explanation sessions
-Over 1000 practice questions
-Mid course and final assessment exams.
-Facebook group support.

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Reviews (2)

Bader Al Harbi

Good after noon I want to attend CPHQ online course, may I have more information about total time of the course and fee please??

Sara T.Khogali

Hi.I'm a Sudanese pharmacist and want to register at the CPHQ course so i was wondering when is your next course? & how many hours will take?

Nourhan rizk hussein

i want to know about the cost of the course and when it will start for a new session also , the schedule of studying

أسماء على عبد الودود

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