Smart Endodontic Diploma
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Whether you are an Egypt based Dentist or not, you could still apply for our ADA and Leeds Academy accredited Endodontics Diploma, which uniquely allows you to have clinical practice on patients under supervision.

  • Hands on (one patient or more)
  • Workshops on microscopes
  • Available online (Practical will be condensed in Cairo at the end of the diploma)

1st Day (Basic)
▪ Access cavity preparation
▪ Magnification
▪ Isolation and rubber dam application

2nd Day (Basic)
▪ Instrumentation & Rotary NiTi files
▪ Dentinal disinfection and irrigation of the root canal system

3rd Day (Basic)
▪ 3D obturation of the canal

4th Day (Advanced)
▪ Specific usage of ultrasonic in Endo
▪ Methods of finding missing canals
▪ Outline steps of retreatment
▪ Methods of dismelting of restoration
▪ Gutta percha removal (Obturation removal methods)
▪ Post Removal

5th Day (Advanced)
▪ Instrument Removal bypath
▪ Perforation Repair

6th Day
▪ Workshop:-

1- Access cavity
2- Isolation and rubber dam on cast
3- Rotary System

7th Day
▪ Workshop:-
1- Vertical Obturation
2- Retreatment
3- MTA Application on Natural teeth

8,9,10,11th Days
*Practical in the clinic room (One case on patient) & (Assistant doctor)

54 Credit hours

International Academy of Dentistry certificate authorized from American Dental Association (ADA)

*Limited seats are available*

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Associate Professor of Endodontics, Al-Azhar University

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أحمد حسن الخواجه

More details with price,please

حنين نجم الدين خليفة قنيدي

ممكن اعرف سعر الكورس ؟؟

Randa Shinkada

Id like

Ghada salah Bakir gunedi


Nada fayyad

How much?

Ahmed hameed

السلام عليكم هل الكورس ٧ ايام او اكثر كم الكلفه اذا امكن

Nurhayat ozgem

Hello. You mention education that is available for both online and practising on actual patient. If we participate in for online education,how we will practice on patient? Please clarify for me. Looking forward to seeing respond. Best Regards.

أحمد حسين سليمان

أنا رايح أولى كلية وعايز آخد كورس تعليمي عن أول سنة هاروحها

Diaa mohamed ahmed



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