Advanced Implant Course
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Welcome to the advanced dental implant practical program!

If you're a dentist and have basic dental implant skills, we're inviting you to this 11 days practical course.

Our goal in this course is to teach you how to deal with complicated cases in a dental implant with hands-on training on patients and theoretical sessions.

1st Day

Dr. Ahmed Halim

1- Growth factors concepts and their use in accelerating healing:

PRF, GCF, Mpm Sticky bone, Plasma lift

2- Sinus lifting


– Pathology

– External lifting

– Internal Lifting

– Complications & failure

3- Soft tissue management in the aesthetic zone, a novel approach

-Treatment of soft tissue defects in the aesthetic zone with growth factors

-Treatment of bony defects in the aesthetic zone with growth factors

Day nd2
Dr. Ahmed Halim

4- Bone splitting and expansion

- Concept of bone expansion in soft bone

- Concept of bone Splitting in narrow ridge Hands-on workshops:

1- Preparation of PRF, Sticky bone

2- Sinus lifting external

3- Treatment of sinus perforation

4- Splitting and expansion

5- Bone harvesting techniques using novel tools

Dr. Solafa Bilal

Soft tissue management in implant therapy:-
- Different situations indicated for soft tissue management.

- Soft tissue augmentation around the implant.

- Soft tissue augmentation of the ridge.

- Second stage surgery, different techniques

- Types of the flap.

- Types of soft tissue grafts and different techniques for harvesting.

- Different suturing techniques used from the simplest to the hardest.

Day 4th
Dr. Solafa Bilal Hands on workshops:-

1-Different techniques for harvesting soft tissue graft:

-Free gingival graft.

-Connective tissue graft techniques (Trap door, triangle, one horizontal line, Zucchelli).

-Lateral pedicle flap.

2-Different flap design techniques:

-Coronally advanced flap.

-VISTA technique.

-Tunnel technique.

3-Soft tissue augmentation of the ridge and around the implant.

4-Roll technique for second-stage surgery.

5-Different suturing techniques.

Day 5th
Dr. Solafa Bilal

1-Hard tissue management in implant therapy

- Different situations indicated for grafting.

- Guided bone regeneration (GBR).

- Types of barrier membranes.

- Types of bone grafts.

- Growth factors and their role in regeneration.

- Biological concepts of bone grafting.

- Different techniques for ridge preservation and augmentation from the simplest to the hardest.

- Management of extraction site specifically in anterior zone.

Day th6
Dr. Solafa Bilal

1- Harvesting autogenous bone

2- Different ridge augmentation technique:

- Bone graft + Resorbable membrane

- Bone graft+ Ti-mesh

- Khoury technique

- Bone block for grafting

- Screw tent-pole grafting.

3- Socket preservation technique.

Day 7th
Dr. Mostafa Noor

Implant Prosthetics:-

1-Prosthetic Backward Planning and Reverse Engineering

2-Digital Implant Planning (types of surgical guides- Detailed Steps of virtual implant planning)

3-Custom made healing abutment (value and how to perform)

4-Digital Impression Techniques (different types of scan abutments

- scanning techniques and scanning software)

5-Digital abutment solutions (Ti bases&Hybrid abutment Prosthetic solutions - Premilled abutments- Custom abutment fabrications)

6-Pressed Vs milled hybrid abutment solutions (one piece and two pieced restorations)

7-Implant Prosthetic in Anterior Esthetic Zone(special Considerations)

8-Full Arch Implant-supported restorations (when to choose between fixed vs removable implant-supported restorations)

9-All on X (4-5-6 -.) full-arch implant-supported restorations and intraoral welding.

10-Full Arch Fixed implant-supported restorations (Material selection and technique of fabrication)

11-Removable implant prosthetics (implant-supported vs implant assisted overdenture and different treatment options for both mandibular and maxillary overdentures)

12-Removable implant prosthetics (Locator Attachment-Ball attachment- bar-retained implant assisted overdenture)

13-Occlusal consideration of Full arch implant prosthetics.

Days th10,11

Practical Work:- Open Sinus lifting Or Ridge Splitting with two Implants

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