Smart clinical pedodontic diploma
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Do you think Pedodontic’s a hard field in dentistry?

It’s not if you learned how to deal with it…

In smart clinical pedodontic diploma you’ll learn how to treat kids, and how to make a relationship between you, the child, and his parents.


1st Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Introduction to pediatric dentistry

Examination & treatment planning

Chronology, morphology and eruption problems

2nd Day

Dr. Shimaa Abou-El Sadat

Radiographic examination in pediatric dental patient with special attention to CBCT

*Hands on:- CBCT

3rd Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Behavior guidance & local anesthesia in children

4th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Management of deep carious lesions

Regenerative endodontic

5th Day

Dr. Khaled Adel

Restorative dentistry

6th Day

Dr. Khaled Adel

Isolation in pediatric dental patient & restorative dentistry

7th Day

Dr. Khaled Adel

Restorative dentistry

*Hands on:-acrylic teeth

8th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Full coverage restorations in children

Hands on :- SSC preparation & zirconia crown preparation

Hands on :- pulpotomy of primary teeth mixing of different materials

9th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Management of space problems in children.

Workshop:- Space maintainer fabrication &space analysis

10th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Management of children with special health care needs

therapeutics used in pediatric dentistry

11th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Interceptive Orthodontics

12th Day

Dr. Sarah Shafik

Management of traumatic injuries in children



End Of Theoretical Part than we will start practical part at clinic for

From 03 Jan. 2021 till 10 Jan. 2021 (Practical)

General Anesthesia On Hospital with doctor Sara Shafik

120 Credit hours:-

1-You will be certified by Leeds Training College in Uk.

2-A Certificate from (SPC ACADEMY) authenticated by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and can be authenticated by any other embassy.

Cancellation Policy:-

10% of the total fees of the diploma will be deducted in case of asking to refund the paid deposit before -the lectures' starting as an administration fees.

-Student has no right to refund any of the paid amounts after the second lecture.

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how much ?and the modules will be recorded ?

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