Dr. Ehab Heikal

Dental Marketing Instructor

About Dr. Ehab Heikal
DBA (Belford University-USA)
MBA (Graduate School of Business – AAST )
DIM (Diploma of Intl Marketing – Torornto)
DF Demand forecasting (AUC)
Bachelor degree of Oral & Dental Surgery 1986
University : Faculty of Dentistry-Alex. University

Lecturer of P.M., School of Dentistry, MSA Univ.
Lecturer of P.M., School of Dentistry, Delta Univ.
Lecturer of Markting, Cambridge Institute of Business 2004-2005 (Alexandria)
Conducted several CME accredited courses of Practice
Author of the book “Business Administration for The Dental Profession”
Author of the book “Think outiside the BoX”
Several publications in different dental journals
Certificates and Awards