Foreign Equivalences

Have you ever dreamed to travel abroad to work in your field as a pharmacist?

Now your way to success in American, Australian and Canadian board first steps to travel abroad. Learn with us at the hands of skilled lecturers in this field of science



We help you in:


Registration steps in the exam steps to obtain a visa.

Paperwork required to register for the exam method.

Booking hotels and accommodation choose suitable mandates for the exam manner.

Studying the appropriate and most important sources that will help you to pass the exam gets all school books.

Each student will receive handout to explain board written by lecturers have passed the exam, and the most important questions and examinations.


The duration of the study is 21 lectures; 18 lectures for explaining and 3 lectures for review and solutions exams.


There are two systems for either by the audience at the Lecture Hall or the audience Online (online for where is the live broadcast of the lectures at the same timing at the Lecture Hall and thus able learner to communicate with lecturers via chat or mice during the lecture and has also been recording the lecture the next day of the live broadcast)



01- Microbiology.
02- Immunology.
03- Autacoids and their antagonists.
04- Medicinal ghemistry and pharmacology.
05- Drug metabolism, prodrugs and pharmacogenetics.
06- Drug-drug and drug-nutrient interaction.
07- Pharnaceutical care and disease state management.
08- Drug information resource.
09- Advers drug reaction reporting.
10- Medication errors.
11- Clinical toxicology.
12- Federal pharmacy law.
13- Reviewing and dispensing prescription and medication orders.
14- Sterile products.
15- Herbal medicine.
16- Clinical pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring.
17- Drug use in special patient population.
18- Clinical laboratory tests.
19- Coronary artery disease.
20- Cardiac arrythmia.
21- Hypertention 22-heart failure.
23- Thromboembolic disease.
24- Id.
25- Seizure disorders.
26- Parkinson disease.
27- Schizophrenia.
28- Mood disorder.
29- Astma and copd.
30- OA and RA.
31- Gout.
32- Pud.
33- Ibd.
34- Dm.
35- Thyroid disease.
36- Renal failure.
37- Cancer chemotherapy.
38- Immunosuppressive agents in organ transplantation.

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