Cosmetic Dentistry

 Cosmetic Dentistry  Program


Course Director 

Dr. shams is an active lecture on the topics of dentistry, specifically aesthetic smile enhancements and their implications to the world of beauty, success and your over all appearance.

Dr. Shams is dedicated to clinical excellence and regularly attend training courses around the world

Dr. Shams has been awarded various certificates from different parts of the world:

•American And Dental Board.

•  University Of Pittsburgh Usa.

•  University Of Fabi Brazil.

•  Universit yOf  Paris

•  Implant Success InstituteLondon.

•  Arc Cosmetic Center LondoN

•  AmericanAcademy Of Cosmetic Dentistry

•  Felowship Of The International Collage Of

Dentistry (F.I.C.D)               

Aesthetic Program

The Field Of Aesthetic Dentistry Has Expanded Rapidly Over The Last Five Years And Dental Practitioners Who Can Harness The Power Of Aesthetic Treatments WithinTheir Practice Have The Chance Of Building A More Profitable And Succesful Business.

AnInnovative Programme Offering Dental Practitioners The Necessary Skills And KnowledgeTo

Provide High Quality Functional Dental Restorations With Optimal Aesthetic Value.

This Courses Designed To Give You A Firm Foundation InThe Science And Principles Of Aesthetic Dentistry.It Will HelpYouTo Identify How The Techniques In Aesthetic Dentistry Can Be Best Applied In Your Practice And How,Ultimately,You Can ImproveThe Level Of Patient Satisfaction.

This course issuited to dentists who have an established dental practice and are seeking to gain knowledge of anevidence-based approach to aesthetic treatment.The programme director,Dr. m.shams has helped many dental graduates,both nationally and internationally, to achieve their post graduate goals,broadening their horizons and delivery of dental care

Smile Analysis And Aesthetic Design

Smile Evaluation

  Patients Selection For Cosmetic Dentistry

  Principle Of Smile Design

 Facial Esthetics

 Oro-Facial Esthetics

 Oral Esthetics

 Dentogingival Esthetics

 Dental Esthetics

 How To Build Up Smile FromS cratch

 Smile Design– Science And Art

Bonded Function Esthetic Protybe (Bfep)

 Maintain  For Many  Years Of Happy Smile


Occlusal Principle For Maximizing Longevity


Teeth Anatomy

Diagnostic Wax-Up Using Addictive & Reduction


Technique For Temporization

MockupUsing Injection Technique


Fabrication Wax-Up On Max.Six Anterior Teeth

Dilemma Of  Teeth Whitening

Discoloration Of Teeth

Color & Shade

The Bleaching Material

Treatment Planing For Successful Bleaching

The Home Bleaching Technique

Home Pleaching Tray Fabrication

Power Bleaching And InOffice Bleaching Intracoronal Bleaching Of Non Vital Teeth Combining Bleaching Technique

Bleaching And Micro Abrasion Technique Integration Bleaching With Restorative Dentistry Combination Bleaching With Direct Composite Resin Safety Issuej

Dental Veneer

Review All Types Of Dental Veneer

Indication And Contraindication Of

Dental Veneer

Choice Of Material ForDental Veneer Failures And How  To Avoid Them Different Veneer Preparation



Digital Smile Design

Learn How To Use Simple Digital Smile

Techniques Using Photoshop Will Be


Photography Of Smile Design

Smile Analysis And Design Using Psd

How To Use Psd To Determine The

Ideal Gingival And Smile Line

How To Use Psd To Determine The Correct Length And Width Ratios Of The Teeth


Closing Space With Psd Bleaching With Psd Presentation ToThe Patient

The Power Of  Knowledge

X-Ray In Digital Era



How To Deal With Difficult Cosmetic Cases

Tips And Tricks In Cosmetics Dentistry

Dental Cosmetic Solution-Instead

Orthodontic Principle

Diastema Closure

Black Triangle Disease Short Tooth Syndrome Cosmetic Contouring

Gummy Smile How To Deal With







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-شهادة London oral restorative academy معتمدة من نقابة أطباء أسنان القاهرة
-عضوية الأكاديمية الأمريكية لتجميل الأسنان بمصاريف إضافية.