Hospital Management

إحترف إدارة المستشفيات من اي مكان في العالم وأحصل على شهاده دبلوم مهني معتمده دوليا في إدارة المستشفيات
مع د/عبدالمجيد محمود اخصائي إدارة المستشفيات ومدير مستشفى السعودي الالماني والجنزوري وشرم الشيخ الدولي سابقا والعديد من المستشفيات الاخرى .....

This program is design for

All health care professionals, health care providers, medical staff and supporting staff.

Attendance type

Classroom type
Online type
• You can study from anywhere in the world via the Online System.
• The online lectures are a live transmission of lectures at the same time as the center with enabling the participant to communicate with the lecturer by chat or voice during the lecture and also receiving video records of lectures on the next day of the lecture.
• We send books by express mail to students who are studying in the online system inside and outside Egypt.


Duration: 4 months, 16 lectures, one lectures per week

Objective & Content

Awareness of TQM importance in health care.
Understanding of quality management process.
Identification of customers and their needs.
Team management.
Performance Measurement.
Performance Improvement.
Patient safety concepts and practices. OVERVIEW ON THE HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA:
Basic Management Principles.
Strategic Management.
Leadership & Decision Making.
Time Management.
Effective Communication in Health Organization.
Change Management.
Total Quality Management.
Human Resource Management.
Marketing In Health Care


Part one: Management

Chapter 1: Introduction to Management and organization

Chapter 2: organizational culture and Environment

Chapter 3: Managers as decision makers

Chapter 4: Foundation of planning

Chapter 5: Strategic Management

Chapter 6: organizational structure and design

Chapter 7: Managing change and Innovation

Chapter 8: Managers and communications

Chapter 9: Motivating employees

Chapter 10: Managers as Leaders

Chapter 11: Introduction to controlling

Part two: Human Recourse Management

Chapter 1:  Job Analysis

Chapter 2: Recruitment

Chapter 3: Selection and Retention

Chapter 4: Training and Development

Part three: Accounting and Finance Management

Chapter 1: Introduction to Accounting

Chapter 2: balance sheet

Chapter 3: Income statement

Chapter 4: cash flow statement

Chapter 5: financial reporting

Chapter 6: financial assurance and external auditing

Part four: Marketing Health Services

Chapter 1: Meaning of Marketing

Chapter 2: Basic Marketing Concept

Chapter 3: Nature of Healthcare Markets

Chapter 4: Marketing Research

Chapter 5: Patient Behavior and Loyalty

Chapter 6: The Marketing Mix

Chapter 7: Pricing

Chapter 8: Place or Distribution

Chapter 9: Advertising decisions

Chapter 10: advertising and perception

Part Five: Information Technology

Chapter 1: Healthcare Information System

Chapter 2: System Acquisition

Chapter 3: System implementation

Part Six: Total Quality Management

Chapter 1: Introduction to TQM

Chapter 2: Patients’ Rights and Doctors’ Rights

Chapter 3: Juran’s Trilogy

Chapter 4: Risk Management

Chapter 5: Management Information System

Chapter 6: Six Sigma

Diploma Fees

4000 LE study in class
( Can be paid on 2 installments)

4500 LE study by advanced on-line system
( Can be paid on 2 installments )