إذا كنت صيدلي 

تبحث عن التميز في الصيدليه التي تعمل بها
إذا كنت صاحب صيدليه ترغب في رفع كفاءه العاملين معك وتود ان تكسب ثقة المرضى من خلال الاجابة على استفساراتهم
إذا كنت طالب تسعى لان تكون متقدم على زملاءك على المستوى التطبيقي والعملي وترغب في العمل اثناء دراستك

OTC DRUGS DIPLOMA (Over The Counter Drugs)
you can study from any where by the online system

تعرف الان على الاسماء التجاريه للادويه ومبادئ التشخيص ووصف الدواء وقراءة الاشعات والتحاليل واكثر من ذلك
تمكنك هذه الدبلومه من اجتياز مقابلات العمل في كبرى الصيدليات سواءا في مصر او في دول الخليج كما تؤهلك للعمل في صيدلية المستشفى كصيدلي اكلينيكي

You can study from anywhere in the world via the Online System
the online lectures are alive transmission of lectures at the same time as the center with enabling the participant to communicate with the lecturer by chat or voice during the lecture and also receiving video records of lectures on the next day of the lecture
We send books by express mail to students who are studying in the online system inside and outside Egypt

Duration :
10 lectures , 4hrs per lecture , One lecture per week

Contents :
1-OTC (Over The Counter Drugs)
2-ost popular questions asked in community pharmacy how to replay and how to prescribe
3-most famous non official prescription
4-clinical advanced laboratory test (how to interpret and analyse laboratory tests)
5-how to read ECG famous xray
6-adverse drug reactions
drug-drug interaction
Drug-food interaction
Drug-disease interaction
drug-plant interaction
7- how to diagnose most frequent diseases in community pharmacy
8-most important first aid techniques
9-plants used to treat some disease (herbal therapy)
10-domenstration (how to measure pressure and blood suger and how to give injections .
11-Dose calculation of most popular therapeutic drugs
12-Safe drugs in special cases(pregnant and lactating,kidney and liver disease,and hematological and cardiac diseases)
13-Actual clinical cases in each topic

1. Are you an undergraduate or even graduate pharmacist and you want to become a premium community pharmacist?
2. Do you have a community pharmacy and have a trouble responding to patients questions and gaining patient's trust?
3. Do you want to master interviews for community pharmacies abroad?
4. Do you want to improve your clinical and practical skills in the field of community pharmacy?
5. Do you have trouble interpreting lab. data or reports of ultrasonic and X-ray diagnostics?
6. Do you want to learn how to calculate the doses in special cases such as pediatrics, hepatic and renal disease patients?

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