Pharmaceutical Industry

Who should Attendes Graduates of Faculty of Pharmacy. Graduates of Faculty of Sciences. Personnel interested in Quality field

Our Strategy :

The Diploma focuses on raising the efficiency of Employees’ performance & developing their skills in order to increase their ability of solving actual problems, through learning recent scientific methods and real applications, by transferring trainers’ experience who solved similar situations to the learners & gain some of their real experience.


Objectives :

Diploma enhances the knowledge of sterile manufacturing products based on the fundamentals of CGMP and aims the employees in the industrial society . Diploma aims to raise the performance level of quality personnel within the international standards of quality and gaining the necessary skills to apply the quality concepts and tools in various fields and apply them in a professional manner and understanding how processes interferes and overlaps and other institutional improvement processes. Also, acquire the necessaries skills to analyze quality problems and learn how to plan, manage and lead the quality teamwork, and provide an opportunity for evaluation, application and research to critical situations and create the ability to propose and implement strategic solutions and evaluate alternative methods in addition to finding authoritative references.

Duration : 20 Lecture per week  - 4Hrs per lecture 


• Design, construction, and the regulatory for sterile; drug manufacturing.

• Aseptic practice in Cleanroom.

• Implementation of an Environmental Monitoring Program.

• Establishing corrective actions on detection of deviations from normal conditions.

• Explaining methods for contamination control.

• Understanding the importance of monitoring critical parameters.

• Understand the gowning requirement in Sterile areas.

• Learning How to Write Standard Operating Procedure.

• Have a broad understanding of statistical concepts and tools.

• Understand how statistical concepts can be used to improve business processes.

• Understand the common measures used to characterize a population central tendency and dispersion.

• Understand the role that process capability analysis plays in the successful completion of an improvement project.

• Understand how to select the correct control chart for an application.

• Learn concepts, tools, skills and techniques necessary for application of Lean manufacturing.

• Waste types definitions, causes and tools for elimination.



Fees :

- 4500 L.E Classroom 

- 5000 L.E Online